March 12, 2021, Virtual Event, Jerusalem, Israel

The 1st International Workshop on Machine Reasoning
(MRC 2021)

Co-located with The 14th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining


Recent years have witnessed the success of machine learning and especially deep learning in many research areas such as IR, Data Mining, Vision and Natural Language Processing. Though various learning approaches have demonstrated satisfying performance in perceptual tasks such as pattern recognition and matching by extracting useful features from data, the area still sees a large amount of research needed to advance from perceptual learning to cognitive reasoning in the coming years towards cognitive intelligence. This includes but is not limited to neural logic reasoning, probabilistic logic reasoning, neural-symbolic reasoning, causal reasoning, knowledge reasoning and commonsense reasoning.

The workshop focuses on the research and application of machine reasoning methods and applications in various tasks. It will gather researchers and practitioners in the field for discussions, idea communications, and research promotions. It will also generate insightful debates about the recent progress in machine intelligence to a broader community, including but not limited to IR, data mining, machine learning, CV, NLP, economics, legal regulations and beyond.

We welcome contributions of both long and short papers from a wide scope of topics of machine reasoning. Papers must be submitted to easychair at by 23:59, AoE (Anywhere on Earth) on January 15 (Abstract) and January 20th (Full paper), 2021.

MRC'21 (co-located with WSDM'21)
Jerusalem, Israel (Virtual Conference)

Call for Papers

We welcome contributions of both long and short papers from a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the following topics of interest:

  1. Logical Reasoning
    • Neural Logic Reasoning
    • Probabilistic Logic Reasoning
    • Logic Reasoning on Graphs
    • Logic Reasoning on Small Data
    • Inductive Logic Programming
    • Abductive Learning and Reasoning
    • Analogy Learning and Reasoning
  2. Causal Reasoning
    • Counterfactual Reasoning
    • Deductive Causal Reasoning
    • Inductive Causal Reasoning
    • Abductive Causal Reasoning
    • Causal Reasoning for Unbiased AI
    • Causal Reasoning for Explainable AI
  3. Knowledge and Graph-based Reasoning
    • Knowledge-enhanced Reasoning
    • Reasoning in Heterogeneous Networks
    • Reasoning on Cognitive Graphs
    • Reinforcement Knowledge Reasoning
  4. Commonsense Reasoning
    • Commonsense Representation
    • Commonsense Resources
    • Social Commonsense Reasoning
    • Physical Commonsense Reasoning
  5. Neural Symbolic Reasoning
    • Symbolic Regression over Neural Networks
    • Neural Symbolic Reasoning over Graphs
    • Neural Symbolic Representation Learning
    • Neural Symbolic Cognitive Models
    • Mechanisms for Neural-Symbolic Integration
  6. Human-Machine Collaborative Reasoning
    • Interactive Reasoning
    • Conversational Reasoning
    • Interfaces for Collaborative Reasoning
    • Collaborative Reasoning in Smart Environments
    • Reasoning for Collaborative Decision Making
  7. Datasets and Resources
    • New Datasets for Machine Reasoning
    • Benchmarks for Machine Reasoning
    • Small Data for Machine Reasoning
    • Evaluation Methods for Machine Reasoning
  8. Novel Applications of Machine Reasoning
    • Reasoning in Search Systems
    • Reasoning in Recommender Systems
    • Reasoning in Social Networks
    • Reasoning in Medical Diagnostics
    • Reasoning in Legal Assistants
    • Reasoning in Tabular Data
    • Reasoning in Conversational Systems


MRC 2021 paper submissions can either be long (maximum 9 pages plus reference) or short (maximum 4 pages plus reference). Each accepted paper (no matter short or long) will have an oral presentation in a plenary session, and will also be allocated a presentation slot in a poster session to encourage discussion and follow up between authors and attendees.

MRC 2021 submissions are double-blind. All submissions and reviews will be handled electronically. MRC 2021 submissions should be prepared according to the standard double-column ACM SIG proceedings format. Additional information about formatting and style files is available on the ACM website. Papers must be submitted to easychair at by 23:59, AoE (Anywhere on Earth) on January 15th (Abstract) and January 20th (Full paper), 2021.

For inquires about the workshop and submissions, please email to

Important Days

All time are 23:59, AoE (Anywhere on Earth)
January 15, 2021: Abstract due
January 20, 2021: Submission due
January 31, 2021: Paper notification
Febuary 20, 2021: Camera ready submission
March 12, 2021: Workshop day

Workshop Organizers


Yongfeng Zhang Rutgers University


Min Zhang Tsinghua University


Hanxiong Chen Rutgers University


Xu Chen University College London


Xianjie Chen Facebook Research


Chuang Gan MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab


Tong Sun Adobe Research


Xin Luna Dong Amazon


MRC'21 will be co-located with The 14th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining, to be held virtually on March 12, 2021.